With the summer drought and other factors, we have been noticing an above average increase of bear activity and visits by bears to our neighborhood as well as frequent sightings of coyotes and a sighting or two of a cougar on the Inlet Trail.

We all want our community to be a place where bears are not tempted to get into trouble with people and their non-natural attractants. Bears have a keen sense of smell and are driven to investigate those smells.

Here are some tips to help us co-exist with our wildlife neighbors:

Please Bear Proof Your Area:

  • Put your garbage, compost & recycling out only on the day of collection and bring your cans in the same night.
  • Keep your BBQ clean, burn off excess drippings after use
  • Do not store pet food, freezers or coolers with food outside
  • Bird feeders should be taken down from March through October or hung in inaccessible places where they are not an attractant

If You See a Bear in Klahanie:

  • Remain calm – often the bear is just passing through, and if it finds no food, will simply move on.
  • Keep well away. Do not crowd the bear. Warn others to give it space; bring small children and untrained pets inside.

Info / Sources / Contact Information:

City of Port Moody “Bear Essentials, Bear Management in Port Moody” www.portmoody.ca

Your Strata / Property Manager or Port Moody Bylaw Enforcement: 604.469.4541

Ministry of the Environment: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/cos/info/bearaware/

BC Conservation Officer Service 1-877-952-7277

Please remember that our actions and habits impact our safety and that of wildlife.