In August, we held a contest for kids to talk about their dogs. Here’s the winning essay!

My name is Alison and I have a dog named Rudy.  He likes going on long walks and he likes cuddling people.  How I take care of him is that I feed him, I take him on walks and give him showers when he is dirty.  Rudy can sit very well and he’s really good at recall.  If you call him, he will come back to you.  One important thing is that dogs need a very loving family to take care of them.  They need a proper home that doesn’t have poisonous things to dogs in it and is safe for them. Things that are poisonous to dogs are grapes and chocolate.  Sugar makes dogs very sick.  You shouldn’t leave your dog in a hot car by itself.  You need to keep control of your dog, how it acts and behaves so that it doesn’t bother other people.  To give a dog a good life you need to make it feel welcomed and loved, give it food and water, take it on walks and bathe it so it feels clean.  Also take it to the vet so that you can find out if anything is wrong.

   – By Alison Hilderley


Original Post

Klahanie kids aged 15 and under!  Do you love dogs?  Write us a very short essay (just a few paragraphs) about your tips for taking care of your dog, tricks you can do or anything special you can think of.  We will choose one lucky winner to have their essay posted on the Klahanie Community website and you will get to be an honorary judge for an event at the Klahanie Community dog show this fall!  Send (or have your parent send) your essay by email to [email protected] by September 1st.  Good luck!