Klahanie Canoe Club


The Canoe Club is a private facility for the exclusive use of Klahanie residents

Hours of Operation:
CANOE CLUB FACILITIES except Gymnasium are open to Klahanie Residents Only everyday 6:00 am-10:00 pm
Gymnasium Hours:             9:00 am-10:00 pm daily
Fitness room:                        7:00 am-10:00 pm daily
Hot tub:                                    7:00 am-10:00 pm daily
Pool:                                           Closed for the season

Please Note: Children are not permitted at the Canoe Club between 7-9:30 am as well as between 8:00-10:00 pm daily

Private Function Bookings:
Only Klahanie Residents are eligible to book rooms for private functions. Contact Caretaker to confirm room and date availability for your private function.  A “room booking contract” will be provided for you to complete.  The room will not be reserved for your event until the completed contract and the room deposit have been received by the Caretaker.
To book a private function contact [email protected]

It is your responsibility to know and understand the Canoe Club Rules, Regulations & Policies. The Canoe Club Rules & Regulations and Room Booking Policies are available for upon request

We have had numerous reports of verbal abuse and intimidating behaviour by some residents when dealing with the Caretakers.  The Caretakers are required to enforce facility rules and regulations as part of their duties and have the support of the Committee and Property Manager.  We ask that all residents and their guests treat the Caretakers with respect and courtesy.  Any report of abusive behaviour directed toward the Caretakers shall be investigated seriously and thoroughly, and may result in suspension of facility rights and privileges at the discretion of the Committee, or police attendance and criminal investigation.  

Booking Fees (non-refundable):
$100*  Poolside Lounge; Monday-Thursday – up to 5 hrs
$75*    Poolside Lounge; Friday-Sunday – up to 3 hrs
$125*  Poolside Lounge; Friday-Sunday – up to 5 hrs
$40**  Multi-purpose Room – up to 4 hrs
$20**  Meeting Room – up to 5 hrs
$20**  Theatre Room – up to 3 hrs
$25**  Gymnasium – up to 2 hrs
* + $200 refundable damage deposit
** + $100 refundable damage deposit

Community Event Bookings (Open to Klahanie residents ONLY):
Contact the Caretaker to confirm room and date availability for the community event.  A facility application for community event form (download copy below) is to be provided to the Caretaker.  The room reservation will not be honoured until this form has been submitted.  Information about your community event can be provided to [email protected] for inclusion on this website and in the Klahanie Community email information updates.
Download Community Application Form

For questions, concerns, comments regarding the Canoe Club operations, contact Klahanie Canoe Club Property Manager, Susan Russell
Phone: 604-629-5622
Email address: [email protected]

Caretaker:                    Benoit Koch
Asst Caretaker:         Ashton Koch
Please Note: A caretaker is on duty during operating hours. On duty caretaker is uniformed for identification purposes.
To report a Canoe Club after-hours emergency – call 604-261-0285

CURRENT – Canoe Club Rules – Amended May 19, 2016