Klahanie Community Association

What is the Klahanie Community Association?

Klahanie is a great place to live –  location, natural beauty, amenities!   Many residents see opportunities for, and benefits from, increased community gatherings.  A community association provides the means for greater communication, awareness and enjoyment that would make Klahanie an even better place to live.

What does it do?

A community association can act as meeting place for local residents of all ages who want to participate in and help organize:

  • Social and Special Events (holiday, arts & crafts, garage sale)
  • Health & Wellness Classes (by donation, taught by Klahanie residents)
  • Committees (IE. neighborhood watch group, traffic  safety)
  • How-to’s and seminars presented by local experts (many who live right here)

What is the benefit of a community association?

Klahanie has a great tradition of locals organizing events for the benefit of the community. In addition to giving the community a strong voice in Port Moody, the KCA connects volunteers and resources to keep these activities running, adding more and supporting the individuals who make them happen. We can also better share our information, helping newcomers to feel at home and residents to make the most of great things Klahanie has to offer.

How does it work?

The KCA is incorporated as a non-profit society.  Members join for a small annual fee which goes towards the annual renewal fees and events.  Volunteers can give as much time and commitment as they want (IE. director, committee participant or organizer, event organizer or one time helper…anything from a few hours a month to a few hours a year).  The KCA would run on the basis of member feedback and surveys to identify interests.

Is it political?

The KCA is meant to be non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer run, organized for the benefit of the community at large representing a variety of interests and activities, and to give us a voice on local issues.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to promote a community where neighbors help neighbors and foster an environment of community involvement for the benefit of Klahanie residents. Our aim is to unite our members and focus their collective energy on projects and events that improve the education, safety, health, and welfare of our neighbors and makes Klahanie a great place to live.

Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting was held on March 8th 2020 and the following directors and officers were elected for the upcoming year:

Sabrina Lakos, Director & President
Samantha Kuypers, Director & VP
Jackie Amsden, Director & Secretary
Ron Erickson, Director & Treasurer
Bob Elliott, Director at large
Carolina Polzot, Director at large
Erica Eghtesad, Director at large
Gary Chomyn, Director at large
Janet Amsden, Director at large
Lyn Gilmartin, Director at large
Shelley Erickson, Director at large

Are you a Klahanie resident?  Sign up now for a 2020 membership by sending an email to [email protected] with your name, phone number, and address, and someone will be in contact with you soon!